Spider by oneQube™ - Real-Time Social Listening and Discovery
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Spider by oneQube


powerful real-time social databases.

FIND EVERYONE RELEVANT TO YOUR BUSINESS ON TWITTER and capture them in a searchable social database, analyzed, measured and ranked by influence for engagement.

Search Twitter 24/7 for the people & businesses you're targeting. Gain insights about your brand, content, competitors, industry trends, and respond in real-time.


Components and Styles

Hear everything relevant to you.

Listen & gain insights on every conversation happening about your brand, products, content, competitors, and industry trends. Use our revolutionary Link Listening™ technology to track, monitor, analyze, report on, and alert you about hyperlinks to your Web content that are shared.

  • · Targeted
  • · Realtime
  • · Relevant
Never stops listening to what's relevant to you.
Features that help you listen
Easily create a targeted conversational web using hashtags, keyword words & phrases, @names, links, demo/geo targeting and influencers.
Track your audience & who's interacting with your content or viral links. Monitor conversations about your show, events, brand, products & competitors.
Real-time conversation analysis extracts and delivers people & businesses based on your exact search criteria. So you spend less time searching and more engaging.

Databases That Never Stop Growing.

Build social databases that automatically capture people & businesses, and compile their conversation every time they meet your targeting criteria.

  • · Search
  • · Segment
  • · Manage
Analyzed, measured, & ranked by influence for engagement.
Features that help you build
Filter people and conversations to find exactly who you are looking for. Identify influencers and create segmented lists that track and measure them in real-time based on your interestes.
Manage your databases with tools to strategically build you following & market to your databases. Export segmented lists to Twitter to build lists, target them with Twitter Ads. Engage them with timely relevant marketing and content.
Measure & report every aspect of your database reach, impressions, people, conversational attributes, demo/geo and influence.

Decision Driving Real-time Data

Your audience is telling you everything you need to know. You just need to be able to see and understand it as it happens.

  • · Measure
  • · Understand
  • · Engage
Data that's presented clearly and completely actionable.
Features that help you analyze
Game changing analytics enable you to see what interests your audience second by second, and create content or market to them instantly with real-time relevance.
Understand your audiences conversations, content, keywords, hashtags and influence as they happen. Make data driven engagement decisions, and take action with targeted content & messages.
Measure every aspect of what matters to your audience so you can take action by engaging when it matters during a trend, event or show.

Its All About Taking Action

We believe that "if its not actionable it doesn't exist". Experience data driven actionable engagement like never before.

Features that help you take action!
Create searchable, trackable, multi-level, multi-point lists
Export data to CRM platforms
Export custom lists directly to Twitter as Twitter Lists.

Strategically build and grow your following
Find relevant content opportunities
Run Twitter Ads against your targeted lists

Geo-target with right time, right place, right message
Identify, manage, and engage influencers
Generate reports that export as CSV or PDF

Gain insights fast! Take actions faster!

Tired of chasing your audience and static analytics that say they're real-time but aren't. Now you can understand every conversational attribute and create custom content, identify influencers, and target them with relevance to amplify your message - in real-time. SECOND by SECOND analytics enable you to see, understand, and engage in real-time trends, live events, broadcasts & conversation, and take action. Strategically grow your following and reach like never before!.

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